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De taklogger URBAN TR70 wordt ondersteund op de driepuntsophanging van de tractor. Het optimale trekkervermogen is 50 pk en meer, het minimale vermogen is 30 pk.

Weight: 250 kg Max. diameter of soft freshwood (pine): 80 mm Max. diameter of fresh hardwood (oak, hornbeam): 65 mm
Max. diameter of dry hardwood (oak, hornbeam): 50 mm
Max. diamensions of block of wood (spruce): 60 x 60 mm
Max. diameter of wooden board (spruce): 190 x 20 mm
Log length (not adjustable): 6 - 13 cm
Logging device inlet dimensions: 200 x 200 mm
Inlet hopper dimensions: 700 x 400 mm
Top performance: 60 bags per hour
Category of 3-point hinge: 1 a 2
PTO max. rotation speed: 540 / min.
Power of tractor (min.): 30 hp
Power of tractor (recommended): 50 hp and more
Adjustable (telescopic) frame of logger: Yes - 3 positions
Number of logging blades: 6
The gap between the blade of the cutting blades: approx. 0,1 mm Lifetime of blades per one grinding: 100 - 500 m3 of small logs Overload protection: Overload clutch
Dimensions in transport position (length x width x height): 100 x 179 x 133 cm
Dimensions in working position (length x width x height): 100 x 225 x 133 cm
Packaging dimensions (length x width x height): 100 x 179 x 148 cm
Logs output: Double bagging
Safety chains against falling tractor hydraulics: Yes
Hinge for trailer: Yes - classic + ISO ball

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